Do they repeat questions in JAMB?
Do they repeat questions in JAMB?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is responsible for conducting the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in Nigeria. The examination is computer-based and consists of four subjects: Mathematics, English Language, and two other subjects related to the candidate’s intended course of study. Candidates often wonder whether JAMB repeats questions in subsequent exams. This article seeks to answer this question by examining the history of JAMB and the examination process.

Background of JAMB

JAMB was established in 1978 to conduct entrance examinations into Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. Before the establishment of JAMB, each institution conducted its own entrance examination, which was often characterized by examination malpractice, extortion, and other irregularities. The establishment of JAMB was a significant milestone in the standardization of the admission process in Nigeria.

Since its establishment, JAMB has undergone several changes and improvements in its examination process. The examination has evolved from a paper-based format to a computer-based format, and the syllabus has been reviewed and updated periodically to reflect current trends and developments.

Does JAMB Repeat Questions?

JAMB does not repeat questions in subsequent exams. This is because JAMB is committed to ensuring that its examinations are fair and objective. The examination body understands that examination malpractice is a major challenge in Nigeria, and that the repetition of questions can encourage malpractice.

To prevent examination malpractice, JAMB has put in place measures to ensure that the examination process is transparent and secure. One of these measures is the use of a biometric verification system, which ensures that only registered candidates are allowed to take the examination. JAMB also uses a randomization system to assign questions to candidates, which makes it difficult for candidates to collude or cheat.

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JAMB also sets new questions for each examination. The examination body has a team of subject experts who develop the questions and ensure that they are relevant and appropriate for the examination. The questions are also reviewed by a panel of experts to ensure that they meet the required standard and are free from errors and ambiguity.

The examination body also conducts post-examination analysis to evaluate the performance of candidates and the quality of the questions. The analysis helps JAMB to identify areas of strength and weakness in the examination process and to improve the quality of the questions.

Advantages of Not Repeating Questions

Not repeating questions has several advantages. Firstly, it ensures that the examination process is fair and objective. All candidates are given the same opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and the examination result reflects their individual performance.

Secondly, not repeating questions helps to prevent examination malpractice. Candidates are less likely to engage in malpractice if they know that the questions are new and have not been leaked. This helps to maintain the integrity of the examination and to promote the credibility of the certificate awarded.

Thirdly, not repeating questions encourages candidates to study and prepare adequately for the examination. Since they do not know what questions will be asked, candidates are motivated to study all the topics in the syllabus and to acquire a broad understanding of the subject.


In conclusion, JAMB does not repeat questions in subsequent exams. This is to ensure that the examination process is fair and objective, and to prevent examination malpractice. JAMB is committed to maintaining the integrity of the examination and to promoting the credibility of the certificate awarded. Candidates are encouraged to study and prepare adequately for the examination, and to focus on understanding the subject rather than memorizing questions and answers.

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