Did many people fail JAMB this year?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is the organization responsible for conducting entrance examinations into Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. Every year, students across Nigeria sit for this exam, hoping to gain admission into higher institutions of learning. The JAMB examination is a crucial step for students hoping to secure admission into their preferred institutions. With the release of the 2022 JAMB results, there has been widespread speculation regarding the number of students who failed the examination. In this article, we will explore the topic of JAMB failures in 2022, examining the causes, implications, and possible solutions to the problem.

What is JAMB?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian organization responsible for conducting entrance examinations into universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. The board was established in 1978, and since then, it has been responsible for regulating admissions into Nigerian tertiary institutions. Every year, students across Nigeria sit for the JAMB examination, hoping to gain admission into their preferred institutions.

JAMB Failure

What it means When a student fails the JAMB examination, it means that they have not scored up to the minimum cut-off mark required for admission into tertiary institutions. The cut-off mark for JAMB changes from year to year, depending on the performance of the students. In 2022, the JAMB cut-off mark was 160, which meant that students who scored below 160 would not be eligible for admission into tertiary institutions.

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Causes of JAMB Failure Several factors can contribute to JAMB failure. These include:

  1. Inadequate preparation: Many students fail the JAMB examination because they did not adequately prepare for it. JAMB is a highly competitive examination, and students need to study hard to score well. Some students underestimate the difficulty of the exam and fail to put in the necessary effort.
  2. Poor study habits: Poor study habits can also contribute to JAMB failure. Students who do not have a study plan or who procrastinate often find it challenging to keep up with the curriculum.
  3. Lack of resources: Some students do not have access to the necessary resources, such as textbooks and study materials, to prepare adequately for the JAMB examination.
  4. Anxiety and stress: The JAMB examination is a high-stakes test, and the pressure to perform well can cause anxiety and stress, which can affect a student’s performance.
  5. Technical issues: Technical issues such as server downtime, internet connectivity, and power outages can disrupt the JAMB examination and contribute to a student’s failure.

Implications of JAMB Failure JAMB failure has several implications for students. These include:

  1. Delayed admission: Students who fail the JAMB examination will have to retake the exam in the following year. This delay can cause a setback in a student’s academic plans, as they may have to wait an extra year before gaining admission into a tertiary institution.
  2. Lower self-esteem: JAMB failure can have a negative impact on a student’s self-esteem. The feeling of inadequacy can cause students to doubt their academic abilities and hinder their future academic pursuits.
  3. Financial implications: Preparing for the JAMB examination can be expensive, as students may have to pay for study materials, registration fees, and transportation to the examination center. Failing the exam and having to retake it can increase these expenses.
  4. Limited options: Students who fail the JAMB examination may have limited options when it comes to gaining admission into tertiary institutions. They may have to settle for institutions that are not their preferred choices or institutions that offer courses they are not interested in.
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Possible Solutions to JAMB Failure

There are several possible solutions to JAMB failure.

  1. Adequate Preparation: Students can avoid JAMB failure by adequately preparing for the examination. This includes creating a study plan, studying regularly, and seeking help from teachers or tutors if necessary. Adequate preparation can help students build confidence and perform better in the examination.
  2. Improved Study Habits: Students who have poor study habits can work on improving them by setting aside dedicated study times, avoiding distractions, and prioritizing their studies over other activities. Good study habits can help students stay on track and keep up with the curriculum.
  3. Access to Resources: Students who do not have access to study resources can seek help from their teachers or local libraries. They can also leverage technology to access study materials online. Some organizations also provide free study materials to students who cannot afford them.
  4. Managing Anxiety and Stress: Students can manage anxiety and stress by engaging in relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga. They can also seek help from counselors or therapists if necessary.
  5. Addressing Technical Issues: The JAMB board can address technical issues by ensuring that examination centers have adequate infrastructure, such as backup power sources and reliable internet connectivity. They can also work with internet service providers to ensure that there is no downtime during the examination.


In conclusion, JAMB failure is a significant problem in Nigeria, with far-reaching implications for students. However, it is a problem that can be addressed through adequate preparation, improved study habits, access to resources, stress management, and addressing technical issues. The JAMB board and other stakeholders in the education sector can work together to implement solutions that will reduce the incidence of JAMB failure and improve students’ chances of gaining admission into tertiary institutions.

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