Can a married woman go to NYSC camp?

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a mandatory one-year service program for Nigerian graduates. It aims to instill discipline, self-reliance, and patriotism in young Nigerians, while also contributing to the development of the country. However, for married women, questions often arise regarding their eligibility for NYSC and the specific procedures they need to follow.

Eligibility of Married Women for NYSC

Yes, married women are eligible to participate in the NYSC program. There are no explicit restrictions based on marital status in the NYSC Act or guidelines. However, married women are granted certain concessions and preferential treatment to accommodate their unique circumstances.

Procedures for Married Women Participating in NYSC

1. Registration and Documentation

During the online registration process, married women must upload copies of their marriage certificates, evidence of change of name (if applicable), and their husbands’ place of domicile. These documents are crucial for determining their posting location and eligibility for concessions.

2. Orientation Camp

Married female corps members are not required to stay in the orientation camp for the entire three-week period. They are typically allowed to leave the camp after completing registration formalities and receiving their NYSC kits.

3. Posting Location

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Married female corps members are entitled to request posting to their husbands’ states of residence. This concession is granted to ensure proximity to their families and minimize disruption to their marital lives.

4. Special Considerations for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

Pregnant and nursing mothers are exempt from staying in the orientation camp. They are also given priority consideration in posting location, typically being assigned to their states of residence or places of primary assignment close to their husbands.


The NYSC program recognizes the unique circumstances of married women and provides concessions to facilitate their participation. Married women can confidently fulfill their civic duty while maintaining a balance between their personal lives and NYSC commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a married woman be exempted from NYSC?

No, there is no provision for exemption from NYSC based on marital status. Married women are considered equal participants in the program and are expected to fulfill their mandatory service obligation.

How can a married woman request posting to her husband’s state?

During the online registration process, married women should indicate their preference for posting to their husbands’ states. They must also provide supporting documents, such as marriage certificates and evidence of their husbands’ residence.

What if a married woman’s husband lives abroad?

In such cases, the married woman can request posting to her state of origin or a state close to her family. She should present supporting documents to substantiate her request.

What concessions are available for married women during NYSC?

Married women are exempt from staying in the orientation camp, are given priority for posting to their husbands’ states, and receive preferential treatment in addressing personal issues.

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