2024 Utme: Jamb Issues Strong Warning Against Multiple Registration
2024 Utme: Jamb Issues Strong Warning Against Multiple Registration

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB), the authoritative body overseeing the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in Nigeria, has recently issued a stringent warning against multiple registrations for the 2024 UTME. This development is pivotal for all stakeholders in the education sector, including students, educators, and institutions. As an education professional with extensive experience in school education, I understand the criticality of adhering to JAMB’s regulations and the implications of multiple registrations.

The Gravity of JAMB’s Warning

In the context of the 2024 UTME, JAMB’s warning against multiple registrations should be viewed with utmost seriousness. Multiple registrations can skew the fairness and integrity of the examination process, compromising the merit-based system that JAMB strives to uphold. This warning also highlights JAMB’s commitment to leveraging technology in monitoring and detecting fraudulent activities.

Implications for Students

Students contemplating multiple registrations must understand the potential consequences. These can range from disqualification to legal repercussions, significantly impacting their educational trajectory. It’s crucial for aspirants to realize that such actions not only jeopardize their own future but also undermine the credibility of the examination system.

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Role of Educators and Institutions

As educators, it’s our responsibility to guide students towards ethical practices. We must emphasize the importance of integrity in examinations and the repercussions of misconduct. Educational institutions should collaborate with JAMB to ensure that students are well-informed and compliant with the rules.

Strategies to Avoid Multiple Registrations

Awareness and Education

Creating awareness among students is vital. Educational campaigns focusing on the risks and moral implications of multiple registrations can be effective. Such initiatives can be integrated into the school curriculum or through special seminars and workshops.

Technological Measures

JAMB has been implementing advanced technological solutions to detect and prevent multiple registrations. Biometric verification, for instance, has been a game-changer in this regard. It’s essential for students to understand these mechanisms and comply accordingly.


Q1: What are the consequences of multiple registrations in UTME?

A1: Multiple registrations can lead to disqualification from the examination, cancellation of results, and potential legal actions.

Q2: How does JAMB detect multiple registrations?

A2: JAMB employs sophisticated technology, including biometric verification and data analysis tools, to identify cases of multiple registrations.

Q3: Can a student re-register if there’s a mistake in the initial registration?

A3: JAMB has specific guidelines for correcting registration errors. It’s advisable to contact JAMB directly or visit their official website for accurate information.

Q4: What should educators do to prevent multiple registrations?

A4: Educators should focus on creating awareness, integrating ethics into the curriculum, and collaborating with JAMB to disseminate accurate information.

Q5: Are there any legal implications for students found guilty of multiple registrations?

A5: Yes, students found guilty of multiple registrations may face legal consequences, including charges of examination malpractice.

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In conclusion, JAMB’s warning against multiple registrations for the 2024 UTME underscores the importance of maintaining integrity and fairness in the examination process. It’s the collective responsibility of students, educators, and institutions to adhere to these guidelines and uphold the credibility of the educational system. With proper awareness, education, and the use of advanced technology, we can ensure that the UTME remains a just and effective tool for assessing the academic readiness of Nigerian students for tertiary education.

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